How To Choose A Motel

28 December 2021
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Motels are probably the most convenient and cost-friendly accommodation for most travellers. Choosing a motel should top your priority if you intend to spend a night or several days at a motel. Ideally, you will be looking for a motel with the best facilities and services. So, what makes the perfect motel? Below are some tips. 


The motel's reputation will either encourage you to book your accommodation or give warning signs about the services you might receive. Consider the following when assessing the motel's reviews: 

  • Is the motel accessible? Consider strategically located motels. If the motel is not on the main highway, check the road conditions to prevent vehicle damage.
  • What is the security situation in the area? It would be unfortunate if your car or room were broken into while at the motel.
  • How do the motel's staff treat clients? Courteous motel staff who go the extra mile to ensure guest comfort guarantee a memorable experience at the establishment.
  • Who visits the motel? Some motels are synonymous with truck drivers, RV enthusiasts, tourists, or backpackers. Knowing whom you will find at the motel is essential if you intend to make new friends or seek information about your trip.
  • What makes the motel stand out? It could be the guests, climate, rooms, or recreational facilities. Ultimately, this will help you determine your experience at the motel. 

Facilities And Services 

What facilities does the motel have? For example, if you are on a road trip, you want a motel with a service station to refuel and service your car. If you will spend several days at the motel, recreational facilities such as a swimming pool or Jacuzzi are a must-have. Does the motel have a bar? It could be you would want to enjoy a cold drink as you interact with other guests. Check the motel's website to know what type of foods they serve at the restaurant. 


Your motel room must be comfortable. Therefore, do not shy off from inquiring about the size of the room and bed. Additionally, the room should meet the following criteria: 

  • It must be sparkling clean with adequate aeration.
  • The room should have a functional AC system. If you enjoy scenic views, ask for a strategically located room with a balcony.
  • If you have valuables, consider rooms with safes and restricted access systems.
  • When travelling with an infant, the motel management should provide you with a cot.
  • Amenities such as a bar, cable TV, study table, and wardrobe are an added advantage. 

When choosing a motel, assess its reputation, facilities, and rooms. Additionally, check its rates and accommodation policies. Call a motel in your area to learn more about their accommodations