Finding Accommodation in a Hurry After a Home Emergency

11 July 2017
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While many times when you are looking for accommodation, you have a lot of time to plan and compare options, if you have a sudden home emergency such as home fire, you might need to look for something in a hurry. Here are some tips to help you find accommodation in a hurry if you can't wait. 

Call friends and family

You can always call friends and family and ask if you can stay the night at their house. This is obviously the cheapest option, but it can be inconvenient, especially as many home emergencies occur out of hours. You may also find yourself in a less that comfortable position such as camping on a couch, which can be a drag after you've already had a really exhausting time. It also may not be in the most convenient location, particularly if you live and work away from the people you are closest to. 

Ask the council or emergency services for help

If you don't have local friends or family, you can try contacting your council or the local housing department. They can recommend places that you can stay in a hurry in the local area, and in many cases they can issue you with a voucher that can be used in a local hotel to help offset some of the costs of emergency accommodation, particularly if your house is not habitable for a period of time until you can have a tradesman out to repair it. They may also be able to help you out with transport to the hotel. 

Head online and looks for hotels

There are a range of last-minute websites that can allow you to check availability on a range of accommodation in your local area. Many of them also have information on the location that can be overlaid on a map so that you can find the closest accommodation to your home and work, as well as working out accommodation in your budget. This can be great, as you can arrive at any time of day or night and get a chance to get a good night's sleep! 

If you have an emergency such as a fire and need to quickly leave the house, there are a few options for accommodation you can explore. Be sure to ask emergency services if there are any vouchers or assistance to help you find accommodation if your home is not habitable.