Use Caution When Trying to Save on Costs for a Hotel

27 April 2017
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If you're planning an upcoming holiday or travel often for business, you may be interested in how to save the most money possible on your accommodations. There are ways to legitimately trim your costs for a room, from using coupons to securing discounts through travel groups; however, you might use caution when trying to save on costs for your hotel, as some methods aren't going to actually save you money, and they may be a mistake for your trip overall. Note what is meant by that so you can ensure the cost savings methods you employ actually do save you money and don't interfere with your travels.

Credit card offers

Some hotels and motels will offer you a discount on your reservation if you apply for a credit card they offer. This can be a good way to save if the card's interest rate is very low and you need a credit card anyway; however, consider how well you manage credit. Would you be tempted to use the card too often and rack up needless debt, including interest rate charges? If so, you wouldn't really be saving money in the long run!

Entertainment packages

If you're offered a discount on your hotel bill if you sign up for an entertainment package, note the actual cost savings offered on all these locations and services. If you wouldn't use a nearby spa or visit a certain museum, being offered a discount on these locations in a package won't save you any money. You might also compare all the prices for locations and services you would use and note if it's really any cheaper to bundle them versus paying for them separately.

Remote areas

You can usually save money by staying at hotels that are located away from the centre of a city or that are a short drive to the beach, versus being right on the shoreline. However, note if you would be safe in a more remote location; consider if you had to wait alone for a cab or bus to arrive. Also, consider the cost of public transportation; if you can walk across the street to a building for your business appointments, you'll save on the cost of cabs or a rental car versus, staying at a hotel many miles or kilometres away. Your own safety and convenience, and the cost of transportation, should always be considered when thinking of a hotel that isn't conveniently located.