Choose the Prefect Caravan Site By Keeping These Four Ideas in Mind

7 March 2017
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Once you find the perfect caravan park for your next holiday, you have to choose your caravan site. Not all sites are created equal, and the right site can make a big difference to the quality of your holiday. Here are four aspects to consider when choosing caravan sites.

1. Amenities

Many caravan parks have a variety of sites available, and typically, the more amenities on offer, the more the expensive the site is. If you're trying to plan a budget excursion, you may want a primitive site with little to no amenities, but in that case, you need a generator or strong battery to power your caravan. In contrast, if you want convenient access to electricity, you need a powered caravan site. You may also want to look for additional amenities such as picnic tables for dining al fresco and a fire ring for campfires.

2. Distance to the Toilets

When choosing your site, also pay attention to the distance to the toilets. If you don't have a shower in your caravan, you may want a site close to the community showers and toilets. In contrast, if you like a morning hike to the showers and you want to reduce foot traffic going past your site, you may want to choose an out-of-the-way spot that isn't near the toilets.

3. Access to Playgrounds

If the caravan park has playgrounds or swimming pools to use, you may want to be close to these areas if you have children. If you camp far from these areas, you generally have to accompany small children any time they want to go play. However, if you pick a site next to these areas, you can keep an eye on the kids from your campsite. That can be very convenient while you are preparing dinner or if you just want to relax by your caravan.

4. Windbreaks

Wind can disrupt outdoor meals, shake your caravan, and generally be annoying. To reduce the potential for wind, look for a caravan site that has windbreaks. In particular, you want shrubs, trees, or bushes on the side of your caravan where the prevailing winds are coming from.

This can be hard to figure out if you are booking your site remotely. Most of the amenities listed above, you can easily figure out by looking at a map of the site. If you have to choose your site before you arrive at the caravan park, talk with the park manager about which sites have the best wind breaks. If that's not possible, use a tool such as Google Earth to check out the local landscape.