Finding Accommodation in a Hurry After a Home Emergency

11 July 2017
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While many times when you are looking for accommodation, you have a lot of time to plan and compare options, if you have a sudden home emergency such as home fire, you might need to look for something in a hurry. Here are some tips to help you find accommodation in a hurry if you can't wait.  Call friends and family You can always call friends and family and ask if you can stay the night at their house. Read More 

Use Caution When Trying to Save on Costs for a Hotel

27 April 2017
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If you're planning an upcoming holiday or travel often for business, you may be interested in how to save the most money possible on your accommodations. There are ways to legitimately trim your costs for a room, from using coupons to securing discounts through travel groups; however, you might use caution when trying to save on costs for your hotel, as some methods aren't going to actually save you money, and they may be a mistake for your trip overall. Read More 

Three Secrets to Choosing a Good Motel

21 April 2017
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One little detail that always comes up when going on holiday or a business trip is the budget. A budget can offer insurmountable obstacles that will greatly diminish the quality of your trip. This need not be the case as finding ways to cut costs is an art form you could do well to master. One way you can certainly reduce the costs of your trip is reducing the amount of money spent on accommodation. Read More 

Choose the Prefect Caravan Site By Keeping These Four Ideas in Mind

7 March 2017
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Once you find the perfect caravan park for your next holiday, you have to choose your caravan site. Not all sites are created equal, and the right site can make a big difference to the quality of your holiday. Here are four aspects to consider when choosing caravan sites. 1. Amenities Many caravan parks have a variety of sites available, and typically, the more amenities on offer, the more the expensive the site is. Read More 

Buying a pub as an immigrant

28 February 2017
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For people who are moving to Australia one of the big questions can be how they will support themselves. Buying a business can be a good way to 'buy' yourself a job as well as help to support your immigration application by showing that you are contributing to the local economy. A business such as a pub can be a great entry point as it allows you to use broad hospitality skills that you may already have. Read More